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9 Tasty Winter Catering Ideas for This Season

Are you planning a catering event in the winter time? Not sure what to serve your guests? Sure, in the summertime you can have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. What about in the winter?

The winter may seem like a cold and dreary season to some, but it’s actually a great season for foods. This is the time of the year where you can warm up with delicious soups, roasted vegetables and stews. You can also include the warm drinks in your winter catering: both with and without alcohol.

You can discuss with a professional catering company to build a warm and scrumptious winter menu. These nine winter catering ideas will be great additions to your catering event:

Catering Idea #1 – Cocktails

Wintertime is a great time for cocktails with milk and spices. You could even opt for warm cocktails as one of your winter catering ideas. These cocktails are rich, spicy and delicious. In the summertime, they would just feel heavy, so now is the time to go for it.

There are so many cocktails to try. A classic is eggnog. This is not the eggnog that you buy in a carton at the grocery store. This eggnog is made by boiling together milk, eggs and sugar as well as vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. The mixture is then combined with rum. Yum!

Catering Idea #2 – Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a classic winter catering idea. It is served in all of the Christmas markets in Europe and for many the Holiday season just wouldn’t be right without a few cups of this warm stuff.

Mulled wine is made by warming wine along with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves as well as some orange peels. It is generally made with red wine but it can also be done with white wines. The result is a delicious spicy drink.

Catering Idea #3 – Hot chocolate

I swear, there will be actual food on this list of winter catering ideas eventually! There are just so many warm drinks to choose from. This one is good for people of all ages.

The great thing about hot chocolate is that it can also be made to suit a wide range of tastes. You can make it very sweet and top it with whipped cream for those with a sweet tooth. You can go for a dark, rich and thick beverage, for the chocoholics out there.

Catering Idea #4 – Crackers with brie, berries and jam

This is a simple and versatile classic that will be popular in your catering event. Brie cheese combines wonderfully with the sweet flavours of berries and jam. Cranberries are a great choice, their sweetness and sharp taste combines well with the subtle smoothness of the brie, as does the little kick that they offer.

Catering Idea #5 – Mini-soups

Soup is a cold-weather classic. Think big bowls of cream soups: butternut squash, cream of mushroom or potato and leek. The options are really endless. The flavours are wonderful and the creamy liquid is warm and comforting.

A big bowl of soup might not be what you have in mind for your next catered event. Instead, opt for small cups or glasses of these delicious dishes. The cups themselves are a part of what makes this such a great option! It could be mini-mugs, very small bowls or miniature wine glasses. Your choice of bowl can go with whichever look you would prefer: casual, elegant, exotic, …

Catering Idea #6 – Croquettes

Croquettes are yet another classic. Their rich creaminess means that they are a great choice for the cooler winter months. Croquettes are little breadcrumb covered bites of deliciousness. They can feature a wide range of fillings.

You can go for a ground meat filling, fish, seafood, ham, spinach, or potatoes, etc… this filling is then mixed with béchamel sauce and cheese. These combinations mean that every bite is filled with creamy flavour.

Catering Idea #7 – Goat cheese salad

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean that you have to give up on salads. This salad is one of the best winter catering ideas because roasted vegetables are a good fit for the season. Beets are also a vegetable that tends to be available throughout the winter.

The simple mixture of beets and goat cheese is light and delicious. Goat cheese has a distinct flavour but is not a strong cheese and it combines well with the sweetness of the beets, which will have been brought out as they were roasted.

Catering Idea #8 – Cassoulet

This winter catering idea is a classic hearty French dish. It is a combination of sausage, pork shoulder and veggies all cooked for hours with a variety of herbs and spices so that the flavours melt into each other. This is delicious and it will warm your heart as it entertains your taste buds.

Catering Idea #9 – Cornish hens with pomegranate-rice stuffing

This will work with any kind of poultry. Cornish hens are great because of their smaller size, making them easy to stuff. But a stuffed chicken breast would be equally delicious.

The filling takes advantage of pomegranates: a fruit that is in-season during the winter. Much like the way in which cranberry sauce complements the flavour of turkey, pomegranate will accompany and enhance the flavour of the hens.

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