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9 Most Creative Bicycle Decoration Ideas

Nothing says spring like the opportunity to take your bike out of winter storage and give it a spin. For some, the celebration goes further than dusting off dirt or pumping up tires. In fact, it may go as far as a search for bicycle decoration ideas.

Decorating a bike is one of life’s simple joys. Whether you are after a few simple stickers or something more extravagant, your bike is a perfect canvas for self-expression. As the weather warms, the best bicycle decoration ideas can inspire you to add some flash to your vehicle.

If you are looking for creative bicycle decoration ideas, there are plenty of options to give your ride a little more flash. Whether you are preparing the bike for a parade or just for fun, try out these nine most creative bicycle decoration ideas:

Idea #1: Stickers

Decorating a bike is a simple pleasure, perfect for self-expression. One of the easiest bicycle decoration ideas to get started is with stickers. Let’s face it, stickers are a classic way to make unique statements about your interests or your sense of design. Most kids love to cover their bikes with themed or character stickers, while an older crowd will likely use stickers with brand names, sport or social interests. Whatever you want to shout to the world, consider your bike your mobile canvas.

Idea #2: Tape

Duct tape has come a long way. No longer only grey, it is now available in a wide range of colours and prints. It is also used for far more than sealing ducts – many of us use it as part of our bicycle decoration ideas. No matter what your colour preference or overall objective, duct tape can add some easy flash to your bike. Simply sick pieces to your handlebars, seat post or spokes. You’ll have a uniquely designed bicycle unlike any other.

A classic bike decoration lies in the centre of your wheels. When covered with coloured tape, , your wheels can create an optical illusion when in motion. If you are decorating your bicycle to show support for your school or team, use wide strips of alternating colours to have the greatest impact.

Idea #3: Streamers

Nothing says ‘fun’ more than bike streamers. One of the original bike decorations, streamers have come a long way from their white plastic beginnings. Today, you can find almost any colour or style online or in store. If you’re feeling creative, simply choose ribbons in your favourite colours and use an elastic or hair tie to attach to your bike.

Idea #4: Bicycle bell

A bell is a cheerful bicycle decoration idea that you can add. Once only available in limited colours (think silver, red or blue) they are now essentially a fashion statement. Kids love using bike bells to show off their favourite characters. If you’re feeling artistic, grab a pot of paint and personalize a bell with your initials or a design you love.

Idea #5: Bicycle basket

Like other bike decoration ideas, baskets have come a long way. While they used to be considered a simple accessory reserved for girls, they now come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes—a handy, unisex addition to your bike. If you’re feeling creative, consider making your own basket from simple supplies found at the dollar store or even around your home.

Idea #6: Noisemakers

If you’re looking for a noisy bicycle decoration idea, you can quickly make yourself an easy noisemaker to trail behind your bike. For extra impact, attach streamers and use painted cans or coloured cups. Whether you’re in a parade or on a ride around the block, you’ll be turning heads in no time.

Idea #7: Rim decorations

Another creative bicycle decoratio idea is to add some colour and flash to the wheel rims themselves. Relatively wide and flat, wheel rims make an excellent place to add colour and impact. Consider taping stars, fake flowers or other decorations to this ideal spot.

Idea #8: Bicycle lights

What could be more exciting than coloured lights to help your bike shine? Bicycle lights come in many shapes and colours. A quick online search will show you plenty of options for lighting up your tire rims, your spokes, your bike seat, handlebars and more. Some lights are even motion-activated, adding extra fun to your ride.

Idea 9: A themed bicycle

If you want to go big in terms of bicycle decoration ideas, think about transforming your ride into something else entirely. Using cardboard, paint and a bit of creativity, you can easily create a structure to overlay your bike, making it look like you or your child are riding a horse, dog or elephant. You are only limited by your imagination but remember to make sure your cyclist can both see well and move freely.

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