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8 Organic and Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair loss can happen at any age. It can be frustrating and a little embarrassing. You will start to notice all of those people out there with full heads of hair who don’t know how lucky they are. While there are some methods to implant hair where it has been lost, there are some home remedies that you can try before you reach that stage.

As with many home remedies, if you want to see results, you must be consistent. The application of these oils and techniques may take some time to work. The important thing to remember is to keep at it and not give up. Below are eight organic home remedies for hair growth that you can try:

1. Head massage

First of all, these home remedies for hair growth feel great and can be very relaxing. Another huge benefit of a head massage is that it can be used to stimulate hair growth. You can do this yourself and it can have a huge impact on the thickness of your hair if done every day. You will also notice that you get addicted to just how calming this can be after a hard day’s work.

You can combine your head massage with the application of one of the many oils that are in this list. Not only will this provide additional help with your hair restoration goals, but you will also get the added relaxation benefit from the scent of the oil.

2. Aloe vera

These types of home remedies for hair growth are affordable and great for your hair from root to tip. Soothing the scalp as it conditions your hair it can unblock hair follicles that have been blocked. It is recommended that you use aloe vera a few times per week. To make life easier for yourself you can also buy shampoo that has aloe vera in it.

This can be really good for your skin too. If you have any parts of your body where you have dry or irritated skin, you can try aloe vera as a remedy too.

3. Coconut oil

The uses of coconut oil seem endless. It can be used to cook with, as a beard oil and even hair loss. This can be added to your hair before or after you wash your hair. It will promote new hair growth and also make the hair that you still have much stronger. Do talk to your hair stylist at the beauty salon to determine whether coconut oil is your best option or if there is another alternative available.

Not related to hair loss, but coconut oil can be used to make some delicious popcorn too!

4. Fish oil

Fish oil capsules are really good for a lot of things. They are packed full of nutrients, omega 3s and other beneficial fatty acids. These can do wonders for your skin too. They also help with making your hair strong and full of lustre. Make sure that you pay attention to the dosage instructions.

This is really a supplement that everyone should take as many people’s diets will not have enough fish oil in it. Just keep an eye on the expiry date so that you are getting all of the nutrients you are hoping for.

5. Ginseng

Ginsing can do wonders for your hair follicles. This has been taken as a home remedy for a wide variety of health complaints for thousands of years. By adding a few ginseng teas or supplements into your diet you will start to see your overall health improve over time.

As with any of these home remedies for hair growth, you should keep an eye out for side effects, this goes double for ginseng. You will probably not have any issues, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out just in case.

6. Onion juice

This sounds awful, doesn’t it? Not only does it help to treat hair loss, but it can also be very beneficial for blood circulation. This increased blood flow means that the hair follicles are getting what they need to grow healthy strong hair. Onion juice should be added to your scalp and left in for about 15 minutes. Following that you can wash your hair normally.

Due to the smell of this being quite pungent, it is advised that you try the other remedies on this list first to see if you get the desired results.

7. Lemon

Lemon is one of nature’s natural cleansers. You can juice the lemons yourself or buy lemon juice on its own. Just be sure to find pure lemon juice. The last thing that you want to put on your hair is sugary processed lemon juice.

To apply lemon juice to your hair you use the same method as onion juice, Applying it 15 minutes before you shower with shampoo. Lemon juice has been shown to encourage hair growth and a healthy scalp.

8. Rosemary oil

This is an essential oil that promotes hair growth and even reduces hair loss. It also smells wonderful. Adding a few drops to a carrier oil or your shampoo will do wonders for your hair loss.

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