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8 Creative Ideas for Luxury Packaging Boxes

When a customer is shopping, they are going to make the decision to buy a product based on a few criteria. Is this an essential item they need? Is this interesting and new? Is the price too good to ignore? As a merchandiser, you need to make sure that your product stand out above the crowd. Packaging can make all of the difference in the world when two products that are essentially the same are next to each other on the shelf.

For high-end items, it is the luxury packaging that does the heavy lifting in store when it comes to selling your product to the consumer. There is so much more that you can do instead of just putting your logo on the box. Innovative packaging designs can communicate a great deal of information and send a message to the consumer that you are a premium product.

Here are eight creative ideas for luxury packaging boxes that are both functional and very attractive to potential customers:

1. Use luxury patterns on your packaging boxes


Patterns are surprisingly effective for luxury packaging boxes. On a store shelf if you can be bold and shout your branding colours louder than the competition you are well on your way to success without incurring a large cost in you packaging design. A bold pattern can draw and hold the attention of those passing by a whole range of products.

2. Keep the packaging box simple

Minimalism is huge in luxury packaging boxes. As with any kind of branding, it is sometimes best to keep things as simple as possible. Not overthinking your package design can set you apart from your competitors.

Communicating one clear idea or logo can make your product easy to identify at a distance and draw the consumer in. This is also best leveraged alongside your advertising elsewhere. With a simple design you should make sure that all of your marketing materials align with this design.

3. Don’t waste space on your packaging box

You should make sure that every inch of your package is utilized in the best possible way. Sometimes less is more and you can make a product feel much more upscale with just a few small changes.

For example, if you continue the pattern or brand colours on the inside of your package you will be showcasing to your customers that you are a premium brand. This makes the whole experience of unboxing the product much more upscale and memorable than simply looking at brown cardboard.

4. Think about the luxury packaging experience

There is a lot to be said for the experience of unboxing a luxury package. Entire YouTube channels are dedicated just to the slow and deliberate examination of the experience of unboxing products. A great example of this is the iPhone. There are a few stages to opening an iPhone box, so much so that it makes the grand reveal of your new smartphone even more impressive.

5. Reveal everything that you want the consumer to see

You may want to show the consumer every aspect of the product that is inside the luxury packaging boxes. Or you may want to keep it a mystery. Whatever your goals are, you need to plan it out well and make sure that you are meeting the individuals’ expectations.

A great example of this is you don’t need to show off the contents within a bag of flour, however you might want to put a window into a box of pasta so that they can see exactly what type of pasta it is. As not everyone is familiar with the difference between fusilli and penne, but no one really cares what different varieties of flour look like.

6. Have fun with the package design

If you want your luxury packaging boxes to stand out, then it’s time to get innovative and create a custom box that will stand out from the market. You can use everything from bright colours to cartoon characters. If you are feeling extra playful, why not incorporate a little bit of texture into the packaging as well?

7. Think outside the packaging box

You don’t need to conform to the industry standard for packaging. Try to think about what can set your packaging apart from the competition and you will already be doing something to set your brand apart.

A big trend at the moment in packaging is environmentally sound packaging. If you can find a way to eliminate waste from your product’s packaging without a noticeable drop in convenience to your consumer then this can make your product fly off the shelves.

8. Make the luxury packaging interactive

There is a reason that some children’s cereal boxes have games and trivia on the back of them. It is another way to entice them to want to buy the product. You might be surprised that this has such a large impact on the decision to buy, but it really does.

With smartphones and augmented reality, there is so much more that can be done to take a regular package and turn it into something really special.

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