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7 Ways to Properly Pack Your Package

Knowing the right way to pack a package is important, no matter if you’re sending out a birthday gift to a friend or sending your goods to customers.

Shipping costs can take a big chunk out of your business, especially when the average cost to send a one- to two-pound package is around seven dollars. Small savings here and there can add up to a lot at the end of the year, so here are six tips to help you pack your future packages more efficiently.

1. Know What it is You Are Sending

Some things cost a lot less to send than others; obviously an item like a bowling ball will be a lot more money to send than something like a sweater. There are categories of things you can send, too. If you’re shipping within the United States, for instance, and you want to send media like manuscripts, DVDs, or sound recordings, think about using the media mail service through the U.S. Postal Service. It’s meant to help customers save money when they send media and educational materials.

2. Use the Correct Box

If the box is a lot bigger than you need, you’ll end up paying more to send it. A box too small won’t properly protect your package, and one that it too big will require you to stuff it with packing material to fill the space inside. Find a box that is just right, one that allows you to optimize the packaging materials needed and reduce your shipping costs. You can find a variety of boxes in different shapes and sizes at The Packaging Company.

3. Make What You Are Sending Smaller

Using a smaller envelope or package can save you money, but there’s another way for you to be efficient. Most times, a person could reduce the size of their package simply by reorganizing the contents of the box. Instead of just shipping a t-shirt inside a box with some paper, fold the t-shirt neatly and as small as possible so that it will fit inside a padded envelope.

4. Don’t Overpack Your Package

Overpacking happens when you overpad your items with packing materials. This increases the cost of both the packing material and the overall package price. This doesn’t mean you should neglect protecting your item with bubble wrap, peanuts, or packing paper; however, you don’t need to use overkill. Use one or two layers of bubble wrap instead of five or six, and you’ll likely be able to fit your item into a smaller package.

5. Invest in Folding Boxes

When you want to send out an item right away, it can be frustrating to not have the box you need. Save yourself some time and frustration by obtaining and setting aside some folding boxes, which you can cut to the right size. Folding boxes help you save even more money, without compromising durability or performance.

6. Choose the Proper Carrier

Last, but not least, make sure you select the right carrier for your shipping needs. The carrier you choose can vary among your different packages, depending on how large the parcel is, what you’re sending, and its destination. Form a partnership with a trusted mailing and shipping expert to help you find the proper carrier for your varied shipping needs.

7. Mailing Heavy Items

If you’re mailing a very dense or heavy item, start with a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box. Pack the contents securely with a strong bracing material to prevent shifting within the box, and tape all of the edges of the box with reinforced tape. Packages over 70 pounds cannot be mailed.

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