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7 Tips to Keep Your Audio Visual Equipment Cool

Audio visual equipment, like many electronics, produces a lot of heat. If you don’t do anything to try to cool down your equipment, it could get damaged by all this heat.

From keeping your equipment far from heat sources to investing in a cabinet air conditioner, these 7 tips will help you take good care of your audio visual equipment and keep it cool.

1. Keep your equipment away from any source of heat

The first thing you should do is make sure your audio visual equipment is away from other sources of heat. Keep it far from radiators and heating ducts, and don’t install it near other equipment that produces heat. Make sure the sun will not beam on it all day long.

2. Install your equipment properly

To prevent overheating, make sure all your audio visual equipment is installed properly, with the top side up. Electronics are designed to ventilate heat from the top, so it’s important to let them stand horizontally, not vertically. You should also try not to stack them on top of each other.

3. Install your equipment in a well ventilated cabinet.

The air that flows around your audio visual equipment will help it stay cool. When you install your electronics properly inside a well ventilated cabinet, it will reduce the risks of them overheating and getting damaged. It will also reduce the risks of a fire starting because of all the heat they produce.

4. Give your equipment some space to breathe

Your ventilated cabinet needs to be wide enough for all the equipment you want to put inside. There should be a few inches of space above, and on each side of each piece of equipment. If you can’t do this, you might need a larger and taller ventilated cabinet.

5. Keep your equipment clean and free of dust

Now that your audio visual equipment is well installed inside the right ventilated cabinet, be sure to dust it regularly. Electronics accumulate a lot of dust, and this dust can end up clogging their top vents. When this happens, the heat produced by the equipment will be trapped inside it. Keep your equipment free of dust.

6. Install a fan to increase ventilation inside your cabinet

If you feel like your equipment needs more ventilation, installing a ventilation fan inside your cabinet could be the solution. The fan will either pull hot air from the cabinet, or push cool air inside it. The air that flows around your equipment will help prevent overheating.

7. Consider installing a cabinet air conditioner

A cabinet air conditioner can also be used to cool down the inside of a cabinet. Choose a cabinet air conditioner that will make it easy for you to control the temperature inside your cabinet, and that won’t take up too much space. With the right air conditioner, it should be almost impossible for your equipment to overheat.

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