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7 Most Effective HR Improvement Ideas

HR is a rapidly developing field which has changed dramatically over the last decade. The world’s best companies are fighting with everything that they have to recruit and retain the top talent. The role of the HR department has never been more critical.

In addition to staying on top of the latest trends and technological innovations, HR professionals have to go above and beyond, finding ways to think outside the box and offer creative solutions for today’s dynamic workforce.

HR departments should always be looking to improve, so here are seven of the most effective HR improvement ideas to incorporate going forward.

Idea #1: Offer mentorship

Millennials and Gen Zers, who now make up a substantial portion of the workforce, overwhelmingly claim that they’re looking for guidance and feedback at their place of work. An organization should be looking to offer the kind of dynamic environment that will encourage people to stick around. As such, one of the best HR improvement ideas is to provide meaningful mentorship.

Study after study confirms that if a manager is involved in their team member’s training and development, they’re much more likely to stay longer. By showing new employees what good work looks like and the steps they can take to succeed, a company is proving that they’re serious about investing in the future and providing a platform where their employees can truly flourish.

Idea #2: Offer incentives to stay and incentives to leave

Generally, when it comes to hiring and firing, there is a sort of unwritten rule that most companies must hire quickly and fire slowly. Some companies are deciding to take this rule and flip it on its head. In realizing how much hiring mistakes end up costing in the long run, several organizations are now offering to pay employees to quit.

Companies who have already implemented this practice report that only a small percentage of the new hires actually take the offer, but the committed employees stay and continue to work hard with an increased level of loyalty to their position.

Idea #3: Make enthusiastic onboarding a priority

We now understand that positivity leads to productivity, so it’s important to find fun and creative ways to make new members of the team feel welcome and supported. This means ensuring that new people are properly introduced to everyone they’ll be cooperating with and given a full tour and explanation of how things work and what they can expect over the course of the day.

Efforts should be made to include new employees during lunch breaks and in collaboration meetings. It is normal for it to take a little while for new hires to warm up, and it the role of HR personnel to facilitate this process.

Idea #4: Encourage personal development through sponsorship

Bonuses, transportation allowances and job benefits are pretty standard components of any solid remuneration package. Today’s top talent will expect more from your employee benefits management. One of the ways dynamic HR departments are meeting these new expectations in by focusing on promoting health and well-being, by offering improved work-life balance and stress-reducing activities.

Wellness workshops and free gym sessions are helping employees stay motivated and lead healthier lives both at work and at home. Other popular initiatives include flexible vacation time and home office. People expect their employers to understand that they have not chosen to be sick, injured, or stuck in traffic, and they will not tolerate being reprimanded for it.

Idea #5: Regular HR feedback sessions

Let’s be real, the rigid evaluation sheet is a thing of the past. These days, people expect meaningful and personalized feedback from their superiors. Evaluations should unfold as a discussion and each employee should feel that their own experience and concerns are being addressed directly.

When supervisors are able to stay focused and compassionate during the feedback discussion, it is more likely that actual communication and understanding will take place. This HR improvement idea is popular because it advocates clearer communication between the employer and the employee.

Idea #6: Creative workspaces

Making people sit at a standard desk all day long and expecting them to come up with genuine inspired and creative ideas just isn’t realistic anymore. Today’s workforce has little time for classroom-style training and long, drawn-out meetings which ultimately result in a lost interest and motivation.

In order to combat the monotony, one of the best HR improvement ideas is to provide unassigned workstations, getting rid of private offices, and proving increased connectivity. In fact, a recent study confirmed that over 80% of employees reported feeling more productive from working collaboratively in a smaller space.

Idea #7: Give back to the community

People think of the place they work as an extension of themselves and care about how socially responsible the company they work for is. In order to demonstrate to employees that they are being heard and that their input matters, some forward-thinking companies are now offering to match charitable donations made by their employees are providing the opportunity to spend several paid days every year volunteering in the community.

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