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7 AI Customer Service Ideas for Your Business

The future of Artificial Intelligence is looking bright. As AI keeps evolving, more and more industries find new ways to make it an important part of their daily processes.

These are only a few examples of the numerous ways AI-powered technologies can help you improve the quality of your customer service.

As new technologies keep being developed, businesses will find many more ways to ensure their customers are happy and satisfied, and that they keep buying products and services from them.

For example, the power of AI is already being used to enhance the experience many businesses are providing to their customers. If you run a business or an organization that aims to provide great customer service, AI could simplify and improve your operations. You don’t have any idea of how you could start using AI for the benefit of your customers?

Here are 7 AI customer service ideas for your business:

1. Chatbots are always available to interact with customers

Chatbots are great AI customer service ideas for a business. Chatbots, which are also called virtual assistants, are customer service agents that are accessible 24/7. Using sophisticated chatbot software and technology, they are able to greet customers who visit a website or a social media page. Chatbots can also be used to answer some of their questions, and to share relevant and helpful information with them.

Of course, even the best chatbots are not able to solve all of the issues presented to them by customers. However, whenever a chatbot can’t help a customer, they will transfer them to a live agent who will find a solution to the problem.

2. Natural Language Processing can understand the intentions of your customers

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a technology that analyses written text or speech to search for data and insights. Thanks to NLP, AI-powered technologies can help a business determine whether a customer is happy, angry, or neutral when they write or talk about a specific topic.

With this insight, a business can improve different aspects of their customer service. They can address complaints as quickly as possible, make relevant recommendations to loyal customers, or have an idea of what people think of their latest product launch, for example.

3. AI can help you predict what a customer will want to do next

AI can pay attention to what a customer is doing, and use this data to predict what they will want to do next. Such a technology can help you stay one step ahead of the people who use your products or services.

For example, by knowing which products one of your customers has looked at, AI could have a good idea of which product they will end up buying, or of which type of support they might eventually need. You will then be able to provide more relevant discounts or assistance.

4. A customer service algorithm will make relevant suggestions to customers

A customer service algorithm powered by AI can automatically make relevant suggestions to customers to ensure they are satisfied.

This system can recommend products or services that will meet a customer’s needs. And if the algorithm senses that a customer is not satisfied and wants to unsuscribe from your services, for example, it will provide them with a personalized retention offer that should make them change their mind.

5. Computer Vision AI can help customers help themselves

What is computer Vision AI? It’s a technology that can analyse images and videos. It can identify an object, identify its different parts, and assess their condition.

Concretely, it means that a customer who has an issue with a product could send a photo or a video to your customer service team, and that Computer Vision AI will be able to process this visual support and to help the customer resolve the issue on their own, as long as the issue doesn’t require work from a technician of your team.

6. AI can recommend real-time solutions

AI can work with the agents on your customer service team to help them make better decisions, decisions that will make it possible for everyone to save some time and money.

Anytime an agent interacts with a customer, AI will use all the data it has access to to recommend, in real time, different ways to resolve an issue. It will be up to the agent to make this suggestion to the customer or to provide them with another solution.

7. Biometrics can help you quickly identify your customers

Biometrics is a field that includes facial recognition and voice recognition. By analysing the facial features of your customers, and by comparing them to faces captured on digital images or videos in your business database, AI allows you to quickly identify a customer.

Voice recognition can also be used to identify and authenticate a customer speaking to one of your customer service agents. Biometrics can be used to recognize your customers instantly, to ensure they are receiving all the services and the support they are entitled to, and to help minimize the risks of fraud.

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