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6 Marketing Components for a Realtor’s Website

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are critical to the success of real estate professionals. And while professional CRM programs offer a wide range of services, one of the key components a real estate agent needs is a well-designed, easy to use website. Here we’ll take a look at six ways of making the most of your website:

1. Social media.

Today’s society is heavily reliant on social media as a way of staying in touch or when looking for information. Linking your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your website will draw people to your website who may not otherwise have come across it. You can share your blog posts or articles, you can share featured listings, and you can provide tips and current market information.

2. Mobile friendly.

With more than half of the population using their mobile devices to browse the internet, you want to make sure your website is optimized for use on cell phones and tablets as well. People are looking for functional, responsive websites. No one likes to wait for a slow loading page and will quickly lose interest if the appearance isn’t optimized for smaller screens or devices.

3. Capturing leads.

A well-designed website will capture leads by providing forms for buyers and sellers, or for home evaluations and more. When a lead is captured, you’re notified by text or email so you can quickly and easily respond to the lead. A website with lead capture features will automatically save the lead information into your database, so you don’t have to spend time manually entering it later.

4. Blogs

Websites with fresh, current content retain a higher percentage of potential customers than stagnant sites with old, outdated information. And whether you write blogs and articles yourself or have them professionally written and provided to you as part of your CRM system package, keeping your content new and fresh is important. If content isn’t updated on a regular basis, your potential clients will eventually stop going to your website because there’s nothing new for them to look at.

5. Internet Data Exchange (IDX).

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a system which allows brokers who exchange permission, to display one another’s listings. Potential clients can search for listings using the address, or city locations or by entering an MLS number or listing identification. If you don’t have a listing of interest to a potential buyer, you may still be able to secure their business by showing them someone else’s. IDX makes it easy for customers to search without having to go to a lot of individual realtor websites.

6. Other available features.

Consider these features to further enhance the customers experience on your website. Can you embed video – maybe a walk through of one of your feature listings or a how-to video about a particular topic. Is your website SEO optimized so you appear near the top of the Google search list? Can it provide a mortgage calculator to quickly figure out the affordability of a particular home?

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