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5 Typical Lawn Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

A great-looking, plush and well-maintained lawn can make the owner of the home happy in various ways.

It can make every minute spent in the lawn worthwhile, can increase the value of the house if re-selling, and of course the constant compliments from the neighbours is the icing on the cake. But while everyone desires the perfect lawn, getting one and keeping it that way is a lot more work than what meets the eye.

To make sure you have a lawn that is the envy of the neighbourhood, you need to maintain it regularly. And the first step in lawn maintenance is lawn mowing. While it looks like something anyone with a mower can do, mowing a lawn actually demands you to keep a few things in mind. Because there are certain lawn mowing mistakes that are very easy to commit, but to rectify those mistakes is anything but easy. Below, we mention some of the lawn mowing mistakes that you should take special care to avoid.

1. Mowing too frequently

The simple answer to how often you should be mowing your lawn is that it depends. And it does depend on factors more than one. The problem arises when people think they are taking more care of their lawn by mowing them more often. But this does the lawn more damage than good.

How often you mow the lawn would greatly depend on the grass growing in your lawn and the rate at which they grow. Also keep in mind their ideal length and you would know exactly how often to mow the lawn. Mowing too frequently can affect the roots and the grass itself, and can often lead to irreparable damage caused to the lawn.

2. Mowing too low

Some people, over time, tend to start cutting corners when it comes to mowing their lawns. They think that if they cut the grass really low, they will have to mow their lawn less often. The thing with grass is that the length of the grass directly impacts the depth of the roots. Cutting the grass too low would mean a lawn with grass that has no deep roots. Such a lawn will find it very difficult to survive any change in the conditions like lesser water or sudden cold.

3. Cutting wet grass

Mowing the lawn when the grass is wet is a big mistake for many reasons. Firstly, from the safety point of view, a wet lawn can be slippery. This can increase the chances of an accident while mowing. Secondly, the wheels of your mower would push the grass down when the wheels roll over them. This would mean that mower blades would not be able to cut those areas of the lawn correctly because the grass would all be bent down. Once the grass is dry, the grass will stand tall again, leaving your lawn looking uneven all over the place.

4. Cutting the same way

Think about how when you style your hair the same way for a few days, the hair develops its own memory and readily tries to get into that shape every time. The same thing can happen with your grass if you mow your lawn in the same direction every time. This could result in your grass slanting in the direction of the mowers movement. Over time, it will make cutting the grass equally more difficult.

5. Mowing with dull blades

Dull blades will continue to reduce the length of the grass so some people make the mistake of continuing their use. But dull blades actually tear the grass instead of cutting them, leaving them more susceptible to infections and eventual damage.

Keep the above five things in mind and you will have yourself a lawn that everyone wants to spend more time at.

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