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5 Popular Types of Luggage Bags

For anyone who travels, you know that luggage is expensive. And while there’s a wide variety of luggage available, owning durable luggage which can stand the test of time is important. Here are five of the essentials:

1. Carry-on luggage.

Carry-on luggage comes in several different shapes and sizes. Look for one that is light but strong with increased packing capacity. Carry-on bags with a telescoping handle and wheels are easy to maneuver.

In addition to having space for clothing, many carry-ons come with pockets for holding passports or paperwork, and some even have a hanging bracket. Make sure you confirm the dimensions of the luggage meet the airlines carry-on requirements so you’re not forced to check it when you arrive at the airport.

2. Luggage to be checked-in.

Check-in luggage is usually larger than its’ carry-on cousin. Available in a variety of sizes, you’ll find hard-sided cases, soft-sided cases, aluminum, nylon, leather bags and everything in between.

Check-in luggage works best if it has spinning wheels that make maneuvering a large bag easier as you won’t have to try to lift it or carry it. Hard-sided cases can still be light-weight and are typically scratch resistant. They also won’t absorb a spill if someone else’s luggage springs a leak.

3. Toiletry bags.

Men and women tend to want different things in their toiletry bags. For men, the most popular style is a one compartment, open case with a zipper. If the inside is water proof, that’s a bonus. It holds all the necessities in a compact case with no fuss.

Women tend to like vanity cases or totes that allow them to separate and store their items separately. Handy zipper access makes a tote easy to get into, or a combination lock on your vanity case ensures your jewelry is secure. Both are available with protective feet in an attractive leather package.

4. 4 Wheeled luggage.

4 wheeled luggage is the most maneuverable, making it the easiest to move around from place to place. Spinner wheels mean you don’t have to turn your suitcase as the wheels will spin in any direction you push the case. No more wide turns when you want to change direction and less fuss at the check-in or baggage-drop desk.

5. Duffels and satchels.

Duffels and satchels are great options for short trips where you don’t need to pack a lot of clothes. They’re easy to carry, manageable and versatile, ensuring you can get everything you need in one bag without having to drag out a suitcase. Duffels and satchels are most often made of leather or nylon and contain a variety of zippered compartments and pockets for extra storage space. Some even have a separate, waterproof shoe compartment.

Regardless of the purpose of your trip, having quality leather luggage that will withstand the rigors of an airport is important. You don’t want to arrive at your destination to find your luggage has a hole in it, or it’s soaking wet because someone else’s luggage leaked all over your bag.

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