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5 Packing Tips to Prepare You for a Moving Truck

Your belongings are all packed, and the moving truck just pulled into the driveway. Now it’s time to load the truck, and don’t underestimate the job: it needs to be done in a way to minimize damage and maximize space. Once you know how to do it the right way, the task will be easier. Keep reading to learn how.

1.Collect Materials

To properly pack your moving truck, you’ll need some things to protect delicate items and help you move the heavy, larger items. You can find these at a moving supply store or even a hardware store. Items you’ll need include a dolly, a large tarp or plastic sheets, straps, and furniture pads, paper padding, and plastic stretch wrap.

2. Prepare the Cab

There are some things you’ll really need first, like your overnight items, and your toolkit so you can put your furniture back together. Put together these items and pack them in the cab of the truck. The most fragile of your belongings are also safest in the cab, like valuable artwork, anything made of glass, or a box of lightbulbs from disassembled lamps.

You might also want to pack your computer and small electronic items with you in the cab, and any jewelry. Your overnight bag should include enough for you and your family to get through a day without having to unpack. Things like toilet paper and toiletries, and a change of clothes.

3. Take Apart Furniture

If you take apart your furniture before the move, it makes it easier to pack and small or light enough to carry. You don’t have to take apart everything, just the things that will be easier to move if they’re apart. Things you can do include taking off the cushions from your couch, taking apart your bed and bed frames, taking the bulbs out of lamps, taking the drawers out of dressers (leave the clothes in them) and taking out the filing cabinet drawers.

Filing cabinets are very heavy, even without the drawers in them. If you take out any screws or other hardware from your furniture, be sure to put it into a bag and tape it to the furniture, or label the bag that says what piece of furniture you took it from.

4. Make the Most of the Space

If you have lots of books, get boxes that will fit onto your book cases. This way, you can keep the books in the book cases, for the most part, and not take up too much space elsewhere. Books are very heavy, so pack smaller boxes so everyone can carry them. Remember those dresser drawers you took out?

When you get the dressers onto the truck, you can put the drawers back in and tape them shut. Once you start moving onto the truck, you can look for spaces under and between furniture that will fit more boxes.

5. Move All Furniture out in Front of the Truck

If you can, move all your furniture out to the street so you can see how much you have compared to how much space is in the truck. This will also let you judge which of your items are the heaviest, and to see which ones should go in first. Don’t do this if your neighbours will be annoyed. If it’s impossible to do this, it is possible to load things straight from your house to the truck, with a little planning: heaviest items go in first, working your way to lightest.

If you still have questions or concerns about moving, don’t hesitate to contact a local moving company for help. For my own moves, I personally recommend Matco Moving Solutions if you live near Western Canada. Their movers are fast, reliable, and super efficient!

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