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10 Creative Retail Display Ideas for Shopping Malls

In a retail setting, merchandising is a way to put trendy products on display and present them in the most persuasive way. Creativity comes into play here. If you aren’t capturing attention, customers are walking past you and you’ve essentially wasted your money.

In shopping malls, you’ll need catchy and creative retail display ideas. Attractive displays can increase sales, get customers excited, and showcase the best products in your store.

Here are the ten most creative retail display ideas to increase sales of your products:

Idea #1: Seasonal retail displays

Seasons and holidays come along once a year, and there’s always a certain percentage of people looking to do some celebrating. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, summertime commencing, or back-to-school, there are plenty of creative retail display ideas that can be created from the colors, iconography, and traditions of these days. These seasonal retail displays are commonly found in stores across the world, such as the Burlington Shopping Plaza.

Idea #2: Touch and feel retail displays

The biggest reason we shop at brick-and-mortar stores compared to doing it online is to touch and feel the items in person. This is particularly common among clothes shoppers. That’s why it’s such a good retail display idea to use displays that encourage touch and feel.

Retail POP displays can encourage customers to touch and feel the products personally. If products are boxed up, unbox one and allow customers to connect directly just like they would if they had purchase it and brought it home. Doing so gives someone the chance to see and feel it in their hands, convincing themselves that they should buy it without you even having to make a pitch.

Idea #3: Kid-friendly retail displays

Even if you’re catering to millennials, a kid-friendly display has proven to be effective at merchandise selling to crowds 30 and under. This retail display idea can be as easy as setting up a fun, artistic, modern seating area that encourages someone to sit and mull over a decision. A bright color, bright lights approach also plays into a kid-friendly display. In a sense, this isn’t about using children’s iconography but rather playing to the psychology of simple, fun displays.

Idea #4: Immersive retail displays

If you’re selling winter jackets, create a retail display that allows a customer to walk into a mountainous winter wonderland at least in backdrop. This sort of larger-than-life, detailed environmental display is guaranteed to capture attention. If you coordinate displays with other elements in a store – such as wall color and text messaging – you can arrive at an even more unified theme that immerses the customer into the right state of mind to make a purchase.

Idea #5: Educational retail displays

If you are selling a product that not everyone knows what it does, you might want to have an educational display that shows what the product does. This retail display idea doesn’t have to be complicated. A display that shows a picture of the item with its name and a simple 2-3 line description in small font. You don’t need more than that.

Idea #6: Minimalist retail displays

Especially if you don’t have a large space to work with, not all retail stores can afford large, luxurious merchandise displays. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you got.

Minimalism is one of the creative retail display ideas that work surprisingly well. Take pieces of wood and DIY your own simple portable displays. A wood framework wherein you can hang product or even an eye-drawing light is a smart investment. They don’t take up a lot of space and they are more visually interesting which can help keep customers engaged.

Idea #7: Art-style installations

On the extreme end of creativity in retail display ideas are using art-style installations that hang items, materials, or furniture from the ceiling, against the wall, or coming up from the floor. Some brick-and-mortar stores can go a little wild with these types of installations. You don’t want to manufacture an atmosphere that is inaccurate to what you’re trying to sell.

You also won’t want to create a display that’s dangerous in some way. Some of the best installations we’ve seen include things like old-style chairs hanging from the ceiling, bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and/or other brand-friendly items positioned in an unexpected way.

Idea #8: Witty text

When we think retail displays, understandably, we think visuals, aesthetics, and appearances. Carefully written and placed text, however, also can play a role in guiding a customer to a sale. Text commonly used on retail displays include quotes, phrases, or text that’s witty or humorous. Text should be complementary to your products and garner a response of some kind from customers, in most cases this is a laugh or invitation to come closer.

Idea #9: Plants

Plants are associated with decreased stress, relaxation, and contemplation. They’re also attractive to look at while also acting as sound absorbers and increasing indoor air quality. Although plants aren’t going to sway anyone to buy product, they can make a shopping experience more pleasant which has its benefits. Plants can also accentuate merchandise you want to appear as eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable. The latter is a play on ‘guilty by association’.

Idea #10: Cross-merchandising

The best creative retail display ideas should feature some element of cross-merchandising. This entices shoppers through getting them to look at products that complement what they’ve already decided to purchase. Cross-merchandising can be done by merchandising items that go together or displaying gift cards next to a relevant product if you don’t have a specific cross-merchandising opportunity in mind.

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