4 Low Budget Kitchen Decor Ideas

by editor one on June 17, 2016

If you are on a tight budget and want to redo our small kitchen, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Use white or light cabinetry to make the area look larger. Use some splash of color to keep it from getting bland.
Cabinetry for small kitchen

Cabinets small kitchen Image Source safarimp.com

Cabinetry small kitchen

Cabinetry small kitchen Image Source safarimp.com

light cabinetry

Cabinets small kitchen Image Source slodive.com

    2. Reflective surfaces can make the space look larger. If you want to go for dark cabinetry, choose whites or soft hues on the walls.
kitchen with white walls

Kitchen with white walls Image Source traditionalhome.mdpcdn.com

Light Kitchen Walls

Light Colored Kitchen Walls Source traditionalhome.mdpcdn.com

white kitchen walls

White Colored Kitchen Walls Source freshdesignpedia.com

3.  Do away with clutter. Keep the bare necessities in the kitchen. Work with the designer to maximize storage by                using appliance garages.

Big Appliances garage kitchen

Big Appliances garage kitchen Source jamesriverconstruction.com

White appliance garage

White appliance garage Source Click here

wooden appliances garage

Wooden Kitchen Garage Appliance Source inthecreation.com

4. Use the vertical spaces more. You can squeeze in an entire spice rack in a foot wide drawer if you make it tall,              deep and multi-tiered. Avoid filler if you have usable space.

tall spice rack

Tall Tiered Spice Rack Source st.hzcdn.com/

tall tiered spice rack

Verticle Spice Rack Source pinimg.com

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