8 Ways to Create new Feel and Charm to your Dining Room

by editor one on June 17, 2016

By reassessing the furniture shapes, colors, the room layout, accessories, you can give a new lease of life to your dining room. Here are a few tips:

  1. Soften the dining set with a cozy and comfortable rug.

    Gining room green rug

    Gining room green rug Source idesignarch.com

  2. Use rich color on the walls to warm up large spaces.

    rich coloured walls dining room

    Rich colored walls dining room rug Source pinimg.com

  3. Go for a couch if you want a cushy and warm English cottage look.

    english cottage couch sofa

    English cottage couch sofa Source corpsdecor.com

  4. Make use of sunny spots with the help of a window seat.

    Window seat for sun

    Window seat for sun Source pinimg.com

  5. If you want to fake the sun, use a cheery and light yellow fabric.

    yellow curtains for dining room

    Yellow curtains for dining room Source hbu.h-cdn.co

  6. Add more character to the space with a cabinet filled with curiosities.

    Dining room cabinets

    Dining Room Cabinet can change the look drastically  kitchenviews.com

  7. Swap the layout of the living room to have a dining room by the fireplace.

    dine by fireplace

    Change the Sitting arrangement by introducing the fireplace to your dining room Source fabug.com

  8. Liven up plain and boxy rooms with painted-on stripes.

    painted stripes dining room

    Bored of Dull and plain wall colors, Bring new life by painting stripes Palasdesign.com

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