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How to Decorate an Apartment: 6 Cool First Apartment Ideas

No matter if you are living by yourself, or with your family, your first apartment will be special. There are many aspects that go into apartment living, especially if this is your first one. From the space to be used, to what you should keep inside of it, there are a ton of things to consider. For instance, ensuring that the space is comfortable is vital.

Comfort levels in your first apartment go beyond just your standard of living. The first apartment should not only be representative of that, but allow you to embrace a good living. Your personality and tastes will have a huge influence on the way you live in your apartments for rent.

Check out these six first apartment ideas:

Idea #1: Proportionate Furniture

You should focus on the furniture pieces in your first apartment ideas. However, it is important to not just purchase any lighting fixture or entertainment centre that you see. Take into consideration the physical space within your apartment.

This will help point you in the right direction, as it pertains to what can be situated inside the space. You don’t want a huge centrepiece taking up an unnecessary amount of space in your living quarters. Not only is this not easy on the eyes, but you could be using the space for other creative ideas!

Idea #2: Multifaceted Equipment

Most apartments, by design, are not as space-friendly as houses on a street. As a result, purchasing furniture for your apartment should be done in a smart manner. Many pieces of equipment often come built with flexibility in mind. With this sort of design in tow, you don’t have to splurge on secondary pieces of furniture.

For example, some shelf space in your entertainment centre can be used to hold your personal belongings. You don’t have to purchase a separate bookcase to hold these items, which can end up taking up more real estate in the space. The more attuned you become to using less, the better your apartment will appear overall.

Idea #3: Lighting

Lighting is another huge factor to consider, when trying to illuminate your apartment. It comes down to much more than just placing a lamp in the corner of your living room, however. To truly bring out the best in your apartment, install overhead lights on the ceiling. These lighting fixtures can be customized in many different ways.

For the inevitable movie night with friends, you can dim the lights to recreate a cinema-esque feeling. You’d be surprised as to how impactful the right lighting can be, as it pertains to your apartment. Experiment with how you want your lighting to appear, and your first apartment will be transformed!

Idea #4: Wall Colour

For those who are big fans of colour, the walls in your apartment are incredibly important. The right coloured walls will help emphasize your tastes to a huge degree. As such, you may want to purchase some paint cans and brushes and get to work. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, having removable wallpaper can also do wonders, in terms of mitigating the amount of labour conducted. Place a few of these sheets in your favourite room, and watch how visually-pleasing it becomes!

Idea #5: Plants

Nothing beats the sight of some potted plants in and around a living space. The same sentiment applies to your apartment as well. Keep in mind the proportionate rule from before, and place a few in your living room.

Idea #6: Storage Room

Apartments are great because most of them come equipped with a storage room of some kind inside the space. Ensure that all of your important belongings are placed here. This will ensure that you can easily access them for a situation down the road. However, be sure to not overload it with all of your possessions; discard some if they are taking up too much real estate.

Living in your first apartment will be a unique event in your life, for more than the obvious reasons. So, always be sure to make it your own; emphasize your creative tastes here as much as you can!

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