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by author on July 8, 2013

Home Decor Trends

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There are many new home decor trends for 2013. Some are like that little black dress that never goes out of style, while others are somewhat newer. Here you will find the top 5 decor trends for your home.

Statement Lighting

One of the most important parts of your home decor is adequate lighting.  The traditional lighting with sconces and multiple bulbs has been overthrown. The new trend is to look for oversized statement pieces to create your rooms lighting. Choose unique textures and shapes to have one of a kind lighting that people will notice right away. Popular choices are metal, colored glass, and even a mixture of the two. Also gain popularity are natural lighting options like skylights and oversized windows. According to the lighting specialists at A-Top Roofing, “a skylight can provide natural light and a sense of openness to any area”, making them the perfect compliment to the modern decor that is currently en vogue.

Glass Backsplashes

Back painted glass backsplashes are coming on the scene in a big way. This choice for a backsplash provides colors that are luminous and reflective. A few of the big bonuses to those who take cleaning back splashes seriously are that there is no grout or grout lines. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping off a mirror with no seams to worry about getting into.


It is looking like the color for decor in 2013 is going to be green. The emerald family is being noticed in everything from children’s rooms to kitchens. With the recent popularity of gray cabinetry in kitchens, the green palette seems to go well with any decor style.


Perhaps the most popular style design ever is the Chevron design. Since this design pattern has been in use for a few years now some people seem to think it has outlived its usefulness, while others are still in love with it. Either way we are still seeing quite a bit of Chevron patterns in all types of decor.

Which of these decor trends do you think will continue on like the Chevron pattern?

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