22 Great Paint Ideas for Bedroom

by author on July 9, 2016

Here are Few Bedroom Color Ideas which will Charm up your mornings and provide your day with a colorful start.

Whats better to start off your mornings wrapped up in a room with Red, white and Blue Source housebeautiful.com


Light Green Touch seems like an awesome color choice specially for kids Source hgtv.com

green bedroom for kids


White colored walls works most of the time, specially with red and white fabricSource housebeautiful.com

white walls with red white sheets

Modern Style Orange Colored Bedroom

orange colored bedroom


Peach and White colored stripes, with coral walls, complimenting the green and white curtains perfectly

peach colored bedroom with green curtains


White and Brown Bedroom Looks Eye candy

white and brown paint

Laid Back and Perfect Hue for you bedroom, imagine going to sleep in bedroom like this everynight

perfect hue color


Light Purple and White Color Combos with subtle stripes looks awesome Source mellunasaw.com

purple and white bedroom color


Teal Colored walls and roof with white bed fabric looks showstopping Source mellunasaw.com

all teal bedroom


Brown Colored walls, with white window frame, and sheets & pillows to match look stunning Source qarmazi.com

beatiful brown bedroom


Red walls, with grey roof and carpet looks just perfect combination
Red and Grey Bedroom Combination

Eye Catching Mix of Dark Grey and Silver Stripes on Bedroom Walls Source mellunasaw.com

Grey and Silver Bedroom


Navy Blue and White Combine for standout bedroom decor Source mellunasaw.com


All white Bedroom with large painting to cover up the space, Simple yet inspirational

all white with paintings


Tasty Combination of Orange and brown walls with white roof, Im Sold. Source mellunasaw.com

orange, brown and white bedroom


Not to Flashy, Laid back and modern looks with Grey walls and white roof, delicious.

Yet another, Minimalist, simple and elegant white Colored BedroomSource drawhome.com

white colored bedroom


Shiny Brown Tiles on bedroom walls, with light colored carpet not too shabby.

brown tile on bedroom wall


It might look like a still from 1950’s movie, but it looks classic and evergreen

Light and Dark Theme


Green walls and Roof with White Fabrics, Looks so pleasing to the eye.Source housebeautiful.com

green bedroom with white sheets


Mellow Brown looks soothing and sophisticated option. Source lumanetri.com

light brown


Another Awesome Color Idea

Light blue



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