3 Flooring Ideas For the Rooms in Your Home

by editor one on June 17, 2016

Let us take a look at the best flooring ideas for the rooms in your house based on looks, function and lifestyle.

  1. Kids’ playroom – Sound and safety issues are foremost in kids’ rooms. Go for a think non-absorbent carpet that will offer enough padding and make it easy for you to clean up spills. They are also an excellent choice for bedrooms.
    carpet for kids rug

    Colorful carpet for Kids Source Autobauru.com

    green carpet for kids room

    Green carpet for kids room Source homegoid.com

    Modular carpets for kids

    Colorful Modular Carpet for Kids Source autobauru.com

  2. Entryway – Hardwood and ceramic tiles are an excellent option. If you have a lot of kids and pets, you should be worried about scratching more than moisture.
    ceramic tile for entryway

    Ceramic tile for entryway Source pinimg.com

    Hardwood Tile for entryway

    Hardwood Tile for entryway Source aqhms.com

    Light colored ceramic tile

    Light colored ceramic tile Source images-48.har.com

  3. Dining room/kitchen – In most houses the kitchen and the dining room extend into each other. So, it makes sense to extend the flooring too, whether it is wood, cork or tile.

    Dining Room and Kitchen Floor Source pinimg.com

    Dining Room and Kitchen Floor Source pinimg.com

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