4 Unique Decor Ideas for Kitchens with white colored Cabinets

by author on July 21, 2013

White kitchens are becoming more and more popular. A lot of people feel that white is the only color that should use in the kitchen because it is clean, crisp and simple. However, plain old white can be very boring.

In order to add a little style and personality to your kitchen it is important to use a little decor. Any of the following ideas will still give you the crisp, clean look that you desire, with a touch of character and personality.

Are you trying to make your kitchen appear modern, but are slim on the budget? There are many design ideas, which you can incorporate. Solid kitchen colors often give off a “modern tone”.

Chocolate Brown

Choclate brown countertop white kitchen

Chocolate brown countertop white kitchen Source Patscolor.com

Having a white kitchen doesn’t mean that everything in your kitchen has to be white.  One great option is to have white walls and counter tops, but then instead of going with white cabinets go with chocolate brown.  It will give a contemporary style that has depth and chicness. Pair this look with stainless steel appliances, simple accents and modern light fixtures. White-Cabinets-brown tops

Tile Backsplash

kitchen tile light colored backsplash

Kitchen tile light colored backsplash Source battlebunny.org

white kitchen tile backsplash

Kitchen tile light colored backsplash Source battlebunny.org

A white kitchen can sometimes be overpowering. If you do not have a focal point it can lead to an overwhelming experience. A tile backsplash under your cabinets or a strip of tile around the room will give some contrast to the room. However, you can keep the tile colors neutral so it is subtle. Try tan, brown, cream and slate blue for a slight touch of color. Just make sure you use small tiles to keep the subtlety in place.

Edgy Colored Accents

orange stools for kitchen

Orange Stools for White Kitchen Source decorpad.com

Having a white kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t have any color in your kitchen at all. A great way to keep the crispness, but add a little character is to have one or two accents in edgy colors. Colored stools, small appliances or decorative canisters can really give a little personality to the room. Electric yellow, orange, red and teal are great color choices.

Red Canister Set for Kitchen

Red Canister Set for Kitchen Source press-my-cards.com

Red chair and tables for kitchen

Red Colored Chairs For White Kitchen Source lavenderandlovage.com

teal chairs kitchen

Teal Colored Chairs and Curtains for White Kitchen Source drawhome.com

teal stools kitchen

Teal Colored Chairs White Kitchen Source younghouselove.com

Black and White

Keeping it simple and clean can be done without the sole use of white. Having some kitchen features done in black can give you the look you desire with a touch of depth. A black countertop, black appliances or black furniture are a great addition. Try adding fresh white flowers complete with green stems for a touch of color and natural elements.

black countertops white kitchen

Black Counter in White Kitchen Decor Source tsinghua-lx.net

Black Furniture in Light Colored kitchen

Black Chairs with Steel Lamps Hanging Decor Source arendalkitchendesign.com

Light Colored Countertop in White Kitchen

Green Flowers in Glass Case on Light Colored Countertop Source aegive.com

White Flower Pot on Kitchen Table

Green Flowers with stemps in Glass Case Source homestoreky.com


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