Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms that make them Appear Larger

by author on February 21, 2013

Small Living Room Ideas

The living room is the central point of any home.  It is where the family gathers to watch television, enjoy each others company and relax.  It is also the room where most parties and gatherings happen. Spacious living rooms are ideal for having gatherings and also for the most comfort. However, it isn’t always possible to choose the size of your living room. If you are stuck with a small living room, it is important to decorate it correctly to make it appear larger than it actually is. It will make your room more comfortable and easier to entertain in it.

Small Living Room Ideas

Any of the following design ideas will make your living room feel and look larger than it actually is.

Darker Wall Hues

One of the first things that you should do to make your small living room appear larger is to paint the walls with a dark shade of color. You may think the dark color will make your room appear smaller, but it will actually give the room depth for a larger feel.  Some good color choices are navy blue, maroon and chocolate brown. Extending the color partially onto the ceiling, or at least the molding, will help make it feel ever larger.

Small Living Room Ideas

Lots of Light

The best thing to do in order to make your room feel larger than it actually is would be to add a lot more lighting. A great way to do this is to apply some small lights close to the ceiling. The light will bounce off the ceiling making it feel taller than it is. However, you do not just want to add light to the ceiling, you should add it everywhere for maximum results.

Small Living Room Ideas

Focal Wall

If you are not a fan of all over color, taking one wall and painting it with a deep or bright color will help make the room appear larger. You eyes will immediately be drawn to the wall so the best choice is the one that is directly opposite from the entrance.

Small Living Room Ideas

Cut Down on the Clutter

The most important thing to remember when trying to make your living room feel larger than it is would be to cut out all of the excess furniture and decorative pieces.  Keep a minimalist approach to the design and make sure that you do not have too many items. You especially do not want to add a lot of accents to your wall as this will make your room appear smaller.

Small Living Room Ideas

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