7 Cost-Effective Decorating Tips For Your Bedroom

by editor one on July 13, 2016

If you are looking for simple ideas to make your sleeping zone dreamier, read on:

Pillow pile – Pile the pillows on top of each other and do not be afraid to mix up the patterns. Combine small and large prints, geometric patterns with floral prints.

DIY artwork – Hang a graphic quilt to spruce up the big blank wall. Make sure that the bed linens are complement the artwork.

         Use the walls – Hang Wall mounted nightstands to the walls can save a lot of space in a small room. Save Lots of space by using floating bedside standswhite bedside wall mount

wall mount with radio

Source 99home.net
If you can’t afford expensive furniture, Look around your house if you have waste basket or bucket. You can color it with your favorite color and turn it upside down along with you bed. You have a cheap and minimalist bedside table Source buzzfeed.com

metal basket into table

peach bedside wastebucket

Have your wall posters are starting to look outdated and boring, but you can’t afford to bring in new ones. Use washi tape around the posters to highlight them and fuel new life into bedroom walls.

Use Floor Cushions to add seating space and decor as well. Here is do it yourself step by step guide to make one at home tutorial.

Use iron on transfer to customize your bedsheets. A cheap way to give them a new look.

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