Cool Ideas for House Decor with Glass Tint

by author on July 2, 2016

Using Tints for Home Décor

Color lovers always want to give their rooms or home a wonderful feel and distinctive mood by experimenting with a variety of colors.

bedside tint

Contemporary Light Tint in Bedroom windows Source

fancy tint

Stained window glass film on Colored Glass Source

interior window tint

Comtemporary Style interior Tinted Glasses

Colors are good but tints are better. Soft hues can create a lovely ambiance in every room of your house.

Meeting Room Tinted window glass

Tinted Glasses for office

Patterned tint window

Window Tint with patterns and Flower

tinted window

Beautiful Tinted Glass with fancy curtains

blackl window tint

Dark Colored External Filming


Pink tints, for example, add an element of playfulness. Adding fuchsia accents and colorful fabrics can do wonders to a room, furthermore, Pink would look lovely in a bedroom too.

fuschia accent tinted Source

fuschia accent tinted Source

An unexpected hint of a shade of a green in the kitchen will add a wow factor to the otherwise mundane part of the house. Paint the cabinets to make them look simple and chic.

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