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8 Most Creative Real Estate Open House Ideas

The days of just placing a house for sale advertisement in the newspaper are gone. The time of only staging your home for guests is no longer sufficient. Even if a soaring housing market, you still need to employ various tips and tricks to receive solid offers and attain a signature on the line which is dotted. Real estate marketing has evolved, so should the open house concept.

Are you selling a home in a soaring real estate market or in a bearish one? Either way, you will likely employ all sorts of marketing measures to receive serious offers on your home. One of these might consist of an open house, an event schedule at a certain day and time of the week where people can get a first-hand look at your humble abode. A real estate agent can help you coordinate this event, drawing many prospective buyers to view your property first-hand.

As the real estate market heats up, it would be an opportune time to look at new ways of hosting an open house. Here are the eight most creative real estate open house ideas to use:

Idea #1: Livestream Your Open House

Not everyone who is interested in buying your home can attend an open house. This doesn’t mean they are not serious homebuyers but life can get in the way sometimes. This also doesn’t mean they can’t actually see the home either; all you need is some technological knowledge.

A cool trick to take advantage of is live streaming your open house.

Livestreaming can be a great way to see how much buzz surrounds your home, what the place looks like, and potentially how much the people are missing out. This is great if you are holding a real estate open house over the course of several days or weeks. A live stream offers a glimpse.

Idea #2: Create an Instagram Story

One of the best real estate open house ideas that a real estate agent can maximize is using the Instagram Stories. This is a feature within the mobile application that allows users to capture and post images or videos in a slideshow format, providing a story behind that media.

While this is generally used more to share your life with those you are close with, Instagram Stories is also a great tool for marketing your home in two ways.

First, you can produce an Instagram Story of your open house. The media can highlight the people who attended, what shenanigans happened, and what the most popular rooms of the home were.

Second, you can tell wonderful tales of your home from over the years, such as where your baby first walked or in what room you watched the Chicago Cubs break its World Series drought.

Idea #3: A Welcoming Goodies Bag

You always need to sweeten the pot with some of your open house ideas, even in a red-hot housing market like Toronto or Vancouver. A neat little trinket is a goodies bag. But what should go inside?

  • Information about the home.
  • Floorplans.
  • Neighbourhood statistics.
  • Contact information.
  • Food treats.
  • Thank you cards.
  • Gift cards to the nearby pub.

This should be the first thing handed to visitors, not the last.

Idea #4: Use Strategies When Scheduling Open Houses

Who has the time or energy to see an open house in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday or even a Sunday?

For your next open house, it would be a good idea to incorporate strategies when putting together a schedule. Ultimately, you want a schedule that is tailored to the needs of your guests, which might be hard if you have a few dozen people attending.

Here are some hours you should consider:

  • Early evening hours (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) on a weekday, preferably Thursday.
  • Early morning (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) or late afternoon (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) on a weekend.

Or, if you have the tech acumen, you can determine your prospects’ best times.

Idea #5: Hold a Contest

Do you want to make things more exciting? Do you want guests to stay longer? You should hold a contest or a raffle where the winner receives a $100 gift card to a neighbourhood restaurant or $5,000 off the asking price. This will certainly produce some buzz surrounding your home.

Idea #6: Experiment with Virtual Staging


Everyone knows about the importance of staging. But what about virtual staging? It might sound futuristic, but it is definitely doable in today’s marketplace.

So, how does it work?

Many people have a difficult time trying to visualize a space with their own furniture. This is typically why homeowners try to have a neutral and minimal home when presenting to future buyers. A simple trick is to provide your interested buyers staged images of various rooms in the home.

How will the room upstairs look like a nursery? Can the corner room function as an office or a man cave?

Whatever they are interested in, you can personalize all kinds of spaces.

Idea #7: Cater the Open House Using Local Shops

A catered affair is the cherry on top and using local shops to cater your open house is the extra whipped cream on the cherry on top!

By utilizing local stores, you can showcase to guests what the neighborhood has to offer. For many people, what restaurants are a few steps away matters a great deal.

Plus, some of the local stores might give you a discount if they know what the catering is for.

Idea #8: Install an Open House Sign-in App

Ain’t nobody got time to read sloppy handwriting and then manually enter the data into a database!

An open house sign-in application on a tablet is a helpful tool when establishing and cultivating leads – for both the homeowner and the real estate agent. The user should input:

  • Contact information (name, email, and telephone number).
  • If the person is using an agent.
  • If a mortgage has been pre-approved.
  • How the individual learned of the open house.

You can gain a lot of social insights, too, by installing an open house sign-in app.

  • Hey there, thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any comments or questions about what I just wrote.

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