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8 Interesting Open House Ideas for Realtors

Among the most effective real estate marketing strategies realtors can use is the open house. The best real estate agents will conduct an open house event so effectively that it speeds up the process of selling a home. The open house events also determines how high or low the numbers will be in terms of subsequent offers.

In order for open houses to be effective, you will need some interesting ideas to get the buyers excited. Here are eight interesting open house ideas for realtors to use and give themselves a competitive edge:

Idea #1: Market the open house on real estate websites.

The National Association of Realtors contends that approximately 51% of buyers discovered their homes online. This just goes to show how effective online marketing can be in creating awareness about your open house and luring potential buyers into the home.

One of the best open house ideas for realtors is to list the home on prominent real estate websites, such as Zillow, Trulia or realtor.com. Remember to add details of the event to your listing.

Idea #2: Start an online open house registration form.

Going through the sign-in sheet used to capture visitors’ information as they come to view the home is a strenuous and time-consuming process. With an online sign-in process that makes use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and apps such as Open House Toolkit and Open Home Pro, among other real estate software programs such as Spacio, you can easily capture visitors’ information and export it directly into your phone or tablet.

This open house idea allows realtors to save time and money. In addition, it also ensures the accuracy of the visitors’ contact information during entry, which consequently leads to higher sales.

Idea #3: Engage with visitors at an open house.

Suppose you attended an open house you were really excited about and arrived expecting to be welcomed warmly by the real estate agent. Unfortunately, the realtor was busy on their phone and barely looked up. Your first thought would probably be that the realtor is more concerned with their tasks than interacting with their clients and selling the home.

While there may be some exceptions, every realtor hosting an open house should give visitors their full attention. Welcome everyone to the event with a smile and arm yourself with the most convincing selling points (bonus points if you’re armed with brochures, too).

Idea #4: Research real estate market data.

The best open house ideas for realtors will be based on copious amounts of research. Be sure to read up on other competing listings and recent sales so that you are well-informed and in a position to offer sound advice to clients who come to view the house.

Keep a printout of competing listings in your area to cater to the visitors who may be interested in other homes within the same area.

Idea #5: Conduct renovations and repairs ahead of the open house.

First impressions are everything. Get the homeowners to clean and de-clutter the home before listing it on the market. Suggest they go the extra mile of repairing and improving the home. For example, you might suggest applying a fresh coat of paint and changing outdated light fixtures.

Idea #6: Schedule open houses on the day the listing goes live.

It’s a genius marketing idea to have an open house on the same day it hits the market. This is an excellent way of creating buzz around the property and selling quickly. Prospective buyers will feel the need to act quickly with an offer in order to get the house before others notice the listing.

Consider bumping up your marketing even further by live-streaming the event to allow potential buyers to view the house remotely and interact with you, the realtor, in real time.

Idea #7: Mix up the open house décor to spark imagination.

It’s hard to visualize how a space will look like with different kinds of furniture and décor. Consider staging the home using different types of furniture, styles and decoration. You could transform some rooms to look like an office, a nursery, and a sitting room.

One of the more effective open house ideas is to infuse various décor styles such as Spanish, Italian or French, just to name a few. Remember to match the snacks for the open house event with the rest of the theme.

Idea #8: Invite the Neighbours for a sneak peek.

Neighbours are among the most essential assets to real estate. They play a crucial role in referring your services to their friends and family. While some may be in search of new homes, others may have friends or family members who want to move to the same neighbourhood.

As you plan to host the open house event, invite the neighbours over to view the home as well. Although they may not necessarily buy the home, it is an opportunity for you to network. They can also give their input on what can be done to improve it or share information about the local area.

It’s advisable to have a different open house event for the neighbours and another for potential buyers to give you adequate time to focus on those who are likely to buy the house.

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