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8 Creative Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store

Merchandising displays ideas for retail stores can make a huge impact on sales. There are many strategic ideas to implement for merchandising displays that will catch the customers’ attention. The visuals of the display are what will encourage consumers to visit the store and over time create a lot of foot traffic.

There are times when innovative merchandising displays have influenced impulse buying in retail stores. Even though online shopping has become popular, brick and mortar stores should still have strategic merchandising displays that will entice customers to visit stores.

Appearance, lighting, colors, signage, point of sales materials, shapes and textures matter when putting together the best merchandising display for a retail store. Your merchandising display ideas tell a lot about the retail brand and creates a positive perception amongst consumers, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Here are the eight best merchandising display ideas for a retail store:

Display Idea #1: Mannequins and forms

You can ignite the imagination with mannequins and forms. These retail display units enable you to show off the latest clothing trends. You can use various types of styles and sizes, male or female forms that come standing, seated, headless or as a full-featured mannequin. These mannequins will effectively dress up your store windows and catch the eye of the customer.

Display Idea #2: Showcases and counters

Showcases and counters really help to display jewelry, gifts, collectables and other valuable items. These display units make the store inviting and can quickly catch the eye of a walk-in customer. It will allow your store to display the range of products you have.

These merchandising display ideas enable customers to browse and request to try the actual item. There are many shapes and sizes, such as glass towers and hexagonal glass displays to choose from that will fit well with your store décor. You can also install LED lights to enhance and complement the showcase or counter.

Display Idea #3: Retail display shelving

If you want your brand to stand out, you will need retail display shelving that will help to distinguish brands. You want to keep your store updated and always attractive by displaying brands that consumers can immediately recognize and resonate with. There are merchandising retail providers that offer special order of colors to help with your retail branding and marketing strategies. This will give you the opportunity to customize the retail displays with colors that match your brand and store.

When it comes to retail display shelving, it is best not to overwhelm the customer with too many gimmicks. Your display shelving should be simple, clear, and easily accessible for customers. Focus on making it real by using a theme to increase the customers’ interest and experience.

Display Idea #4: Slatwall

Slatwall panels are popular merchandising display ideas in retail stores. They are used often for their versatility and display effectiveness. It showcases items more prominently and even engages a few of the customer senses. Customers are able to see and touch the product like shoes or books. You can get these panels in different decorative colors that will enhance your store and create an inviting shopping experience.

The benefit of using these panels is that you can always interchange accessories to match the needs of the products displayed. You can choose from many options such as hooks, hat holders, brackets and sign holders.

Display Idea #5: Gridwalls

Simple yet effective, the gridwall systems can be mounted on the wall or made stationary depending on how you want to display your products. These display units are durable that you can use them for many years as well as display products of different sizes.

Another advantage of these units is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to place them at different locations around the store. This strategy is effective as it gives shoppers new displays to discover every time, they visit your store.

Display Idea #6: Signages

Customers are always in a hurry to shop and want to get in, purchase and run out. With well-planned signage, you will help customers find what they need and make the purchase as quickly as possible.

You can get signages for advertising products, directing customers and even attracting customers. Signage also supports grouping of products. There are many types to choose from, for example, there are floor standing sign holders, tabletop sign holders and LED signs.

Display Idea #7: Wall-mounted displays

It is obvious that wall-mounted displays save space in-store and offer ample opportunities to display as many products as possible. If you have a small retail store, you may want to consider the wall-mounted display units.

Wall-mounted fixtures can draw the customer’s attention without any difficulty. It is known to be an indispensable selling tool for many stores as it efficiently occupies the perimeter of your store, while offering organization and more floor space. Customers can easily browse through products and items.

Display Idea #8: Pegboard panels

The pegboard panels offer organization and durable shelving fixtures that are tailored to your store’s needs. This is an excellent way to display products. There are different styles to choose from, such as floor stands, wall panels and countertop spinner racks. You can hang various types of items that will encourage impulsive buying. These units are usually found at the point of sale areas.

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