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6 Marketable Food Product Packaging Ideas for a Business

Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of selling a product. Be it through commercial advertising or visual appeal, eyes drawn to merchandise is a key step to acquiring customers.

As it pertains to the latter, this is vital when it comes to food products. Depending on how the packaging is designed, you will either see sales stagnant or increase exponentially.

If you are in the business of selling various food products, here are six food product packaging ideas that you can use for a marketing campaign:

Idea #1: Know Your Brand

You don’t want to just design any sort of label and place it on your product in hopes that it will sell. Your brand is key in translating the viability of your product to customers.

The best food products have countless ways of appealing to customers, while also maximizing their ability to draw in eyes. Breakfast cereals, for example, use quirky colors and graphics to appeal to younger demographics.

Know your audience first and foremost. Allow that to translate into the specific packaging of your food product and the sales will take care of themselves.

Idea #2: Make Them Functional

When you are thinking about food product packaging ideas, functionality should a priority as well. Creating great packaging for your food product also needs to be functional in order to work. This means that potential customers must be able to properly hold it, while minimizing the possible cumbersome nature of the covering.

Try not to think too much outside of the box as well; the best food and drink packaging designs think of the customer first.

It’s more than just making the product look pretty. They have to do their part in feeling great as well. Customers must feel confident about the structural design and the quality control. Certain packaging testing techniques, such as the bubble emission leak detection method, are designed to make the product safer and more functional.

Idea #3: Less Can Be More

This relates to the overall visual appeal of the product. Some of the best food brands go completely minimalist with their products. Why? Being basic translates to practicality.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with a boatload of information at first glance. They may just end up placing the food product back on the shelves.

Think of companies such as Dunkin’. They dropped the “donuts” from their name because the organization became more than just a business offering sweet treats.

Apply this minimalist logic to your food packaging as well, and you could very well see it translate into increased sales.

Idea #4: Use The Right Colors

Depending on the actual food product, the correct colors will make all the difference. If you are trying to decide on how to market it through the packaging, you should test out a few options first.

For example, using shades of charcoal or subtle hints of gold can make a food product’s packaging stand out. This is because it appears very high-end, and luxurious items always translate to sales.

The chocolatier company Lindt uses this to great effect with their products. If you want to add a sophisticated look to your packaging, try to emulate the brands that are already known for this approach.

Idea #5: Place Key Information Front And Center

Modern-day marketing is usually very astute when it comes to capturing a customer’s attention. Food product packaging may use sharp humour to draw a customer in, or employ the use of a few key phrases.

Whatever the case may be, make sure that only the most important facts of the food product are in plain view. This ensures that when it is picked up, the customer knows what it is immediately.

Things like nutrition facts and a more descriptive nature of the item can go on the back. However, using a witty slogan and a few descriptive words can manifest into a sale.

Idea #6: Use An Appropriate Font

As is the case with the right colors and information, fonts are just as critical. Depending on the actual food product, however, they are sure to vary.

Food products that have big, quirky fonts on the packaging immediately draw in eyes due to the somewhat silly design. However, it is the first step in helping your food product getting sold.

Specific peanut butter or ice cream brands employ this to great effect. The typography used is usually vibrant and rather eccentric. However, the brashness of the font stands out amongst other brands. You’ll want your own food product to do the same with its font.

Marketing can be a rather challenging situation, especially as it relates to food. Recently, many start-ups have taken the best of what has worked in established food brands, and used it in their own designs.

From rich, warm colors to environmentally-friendly packaging, the modern-day customer is becoming more inclined to purchase food products with this type of encasing.

When designing your own packaging, keep in mind these important tips and implement them the way you see fit.

If it is original and creative enough, you will no doubt see your particular food item being sold in abundance!

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