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6 Gorgeous Types of Flooring for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important and one of the most valued rooms in your home. It is a space that is used by residents and guests frequently, but a nice restroom also increases the resale value of your home. The flooring is an essential and sometimes overlooked part of the room’s décor.

Your room’s floor type and colour should reflect your style and compliment the rest of the décor. Because bathrooms come in different sizes and shapes, the bottom surface should also enhance the space so smaller areas look bigger, and colour schemes contrast beautifully.

With all the types and colours of flooring available, choosing the right material for your space can be challenging. The fabric and hue will depend a lot on what you like personally and the look you are going for. Bathrooms can be designed in contemporary, classic, traditional, cozy, and vintage themes.

Colours can range from soft or muted to bold and bright. Your personal furnishing choices and wall coverings can help select the best flooring. When choosing the right floor material, here are the top choices:

1. Laminate

Laminate is an inexpensive and durable fabric that is a popular choice in many rooms, especially those areas that see a lot of foot traffic and activity. Laminated flooring comes in solid sheets or tile forms and in a wide selection of different colours and patterns to match your personal taste. It is easy to install, clean, and is long lasting.

2. Wooden Floors

Today, wooden floor panels continue to be a popular choice in almost every room in your home, including the restroom. Wooden flooring looks rich and elegant, but it also blends with most design schemes. There are different types of wood panes available. Some are more expensive than others. It can be applied as strips of sheet style. The material can be stained in natural hues or painted vibrant colours. Wood made floors take some work to install and vary in price and maintenance.

3. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles look clean and modern, but they can also be used in more traditional designs. They are cost effective but require a lot of prep work to install. Once applied, the tiles are easy to maintain. Ceramic squares come in different sizes and shades so you can easily find a type that work with your area.

4. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are heavier and more durable than ceramic ones. They come in different sizes and colours and require prep work to install. Stone tiles look elegant in any room and, once installed, can easily withstand the heavy usage and traffic in a busy area of the home.

5. Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is easy to install and can look gorgeous in any room. Similar to laminate flooring, vinyl types come in different tones and patterns. Vinyl is a strong, durable material that lasts long with minimal care. One of the few downfalls to sheet flooring is that, unlike individual tile, if one section is damaged, the whole floor has to be replaced.

6. Concrete

Concrete might not sound like the best option, with all the advances in making and designing concrete flooring today, it has become a highly popular option. While there is work involved in laying this type of floor down, once installed, it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. This material can also be made in different colours and pattern designs to create a permanent work of art.

Because bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home, your loo should be designed to look fabulous and withstand the high level of daily usage. Adding a spectacular floor to your area will create a breathtaking space.

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