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5 Features of Wireless Lighting Control

Wireless lighting control consists of a system that allows people in a home to turn lights on and off through a radio receiver or set up mechanisms to do so based on time or presence of someone in the area. Here are 5 reasons to consider this system for your home.

1. Save money

You have many bills to pay for as a homeowner and hydro can be one of the most expensive ones in most parts of the developed world. Therefore you probably want to take any steps necessary to reduce the electricity you use.

Wireless lighting control systems provide you with the opportunity to set the lights of your home on timers, turning off when they are not being used. As a result, no electricity will be wasted in rooms that are empty, causing your bills to skyrocket significantly. In doing so, you can reduce your electricity consumption by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent.

2. Convenience

It can be a major inconvenience to have to go around turning lights off in your home. This is especially true if your home is large.

Wireless lighting control systems allow you to see where the lights are on in your home and turn them off in places where they are not needed all from one central, convenient location. You can also set the timers that are part of the system so lights go on and off based on requirements specified by you. Sensors can also be installed where the lights only come on based on movement in the room where they are, allowing you to avoid racing around the house and turning lights off that are needlessly on.

3. Security

The safety and security of your home and family are of utmost importance. Believe it or not, the lighting you have installed has a lot to do with how vulnerable your home is to intrusions.

When you are away from home during the day or for an extended period of time, your house is empty and therefore an easy target. Having timers set means your lighting will come on at certain times even when you are not there, giving the impression that someone is home. Sensors can also be installed at entry points so lights come on when people approach. This is usually enough to deter intruders.

4. Better lighting

Lighting that is bright and ample is the goal of any homeowner. However, you also want the flexibility to change it as you see fit. Wireless lighting systems can definitely allow you achieve this.

Wireless lighting systems are ideal because they can be set to fit separate and specific situations. If you work late and come home when it is dark, you can set the lighting to come on at a specific time and only in a specific area. Lighting can be made brighter for when you do work around the house or your child needs to do his/her homework. It can be be dimmed for parties or for when you want to watch a movie.

5. Low maintenance

Homeowners always have a ton of work to do around the house and it is necessary to make sure it looks great and is in good working order. Consequently, when there are opportunities to remove an item from a to-do list, they should be taken advantage of.

Wireless lighting control systems are popular because they are low maintenance. They can often be controlled by a central system such as a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to avoid repairing or replacing complex control panels and cables. The bulbs that can be used in these wireless control systems are highly efficient, meaning you will not have to roam around the house replacing them after a short period of time.

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