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5 Driveway Security Questions for Cautious Homeowners

Whether you are simply investing in driveway security as a preventative measure, or whether you have had problems in the past and have decided it’s time that they stop, driveway security is one of the first steps towards ensuring that your property is safe and secure – both for your belongings and for your family.

You can make a number of different choices about your driveway security system to ensure that it is idealized for your own personal situation.

1. What do you want to detect?

Driveway security can be installed to detect any movement on your property, which can be a helpful way to see how or when any person or animal is accessing your property. However, this may not always be realistic – people who have pets, or who live in areas with a lot of wildlife may not want the alarm going off every time a rodent runs across their yard.

Driveway alarms have adapted so that they can be set to trigger only when something larger crosses the sensors – like a car or a person. This is done in a couple of ways. Either a magnetic sensor is used to detect only cars, or two parallel sensors are used, which must both be triggered at the same time for the alarm to go off.

2. How do you want to be notified?

Certain brands of driveway security systems, such as the Absolute Automation range of driveway alarms, can send a notification to the base system which is set up somewhere inside of your house. The notification sounds and volumes can be adjusted to your preference. However, modern technology has also made it possible for you to receive notifications directly to your cell phone. This is an extremely useful feature, as it means you will also be notified of an intrusion when you are not at home.

3. What do you want monitored?

You are at liberty to choose how much of your driveway or property is monitored by your driveway security system. First, you can choose a sensor that reaches a sufficient area – and options are not limited in this department. Sensors can range from between 3 and 100 meters depending on the system.

However, if one sensor doesn’t reach all of the areas you want it to, you can usually add extra sensors which will all connect to the same base, and which allow you to increase the area your driveway security system protects.

4. How will the two components be placed?

One of the considerations you must make is where the base is going to be located and where the sensor is going to be located in relation to the base. Different systems can manage different distances, some reaching only about 150 meters, while others can reach more than 300 meters.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the more obstacles that get in the way of the sensor and the receiver, the lower the distance it will reach is. The distance given on the box is an uninterrupted, general guideline, but it is unlikely that will be the case in reality.

5. How much will you pay?

The price usually varies based on the features you decide are important to you. You will likely pay more for a driveway security system with a huge sensor range. However, more expensive isn’t always better, so make sure you pay attention to what is important to you and how that compares to the features of the driveway security system you are considering.

For instance, there are some very expensive driveway alarm systems that have incredibly sensitive sensors, but if you just want to detect cars, these wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

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