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4 Perks of Sleeping on a Futon

Yes, you read the headline right, and this is no gimmick. Sleeping on a futon may actually be the best sleep you have ever had as an adult.

While futons tend to remind most adults of their university days, there are some reasons you will want to buy a new futon past your 20s. In this post, we are not talking about the cheap or even garbage-worthy futon you had while attending university. In fact, throwing that one away was the right choice.

The futons we are referring to in this post have been upgraded for your adult life, and come equipped with minimalist design and functionalities that will keep you happily dreaming for many years.

1. Stop tossing and turning

Futons are so low to the ground that you do not have to worry about anyone falling off. You may be thinking they are not couple-friendly if you are coupled up, but, in fact, there is nothing better than smushing your futons together, or buying one with a large surface that suits you both.

Comfort is a huge priority for futon-makers and furniture stores, and you will remember as soon as you buy one that is worthy for your adult lifestyle, whether you are matched up, as described above, or are loving living single.

2. Easy to move

Are you a person who likes to redecorate often, or isn’t sure about where they want to live? Futons are much easier to relocate, and are more cost-effective than your bed. Adult-friendly futons are made to last and look beautiful, too, so you don’t have to worry about losing quality when you move your life around. A futon is more adaptable to your activity than a standard bed.

3. Make a room multi-purpose

Futons take up such little space, and are so easy to wrap up, that you can make more of your room. This is an especially huge benefit to people who live in studio apartments in big cities who need to make the most of small spaces. Take the stress out of finding a rental that fits a queen bed, kitchen table, desk, set of chairs, etc. into tiny quarters and rediscover what it means to be space-conscious with a new futon.

Make a room into an exercise habitat, dining area, guest room/office space – whatever you want! Comfort and convenience is redefined with an adult-friendly futon, and your bank accounts will thank you big time later.

4. Play to your individuality

We all sleep better in rooms we are comfortable in. There are many different fabrics, designs, and feels to take advantage of when selecting your futon. Whether you go with a nice cotton blend or feather pillow, or something else, you are sure to identify with a model or two among the wide variety that are on the market today that is only growing bigger and more economically friendly.

Just think of the different futon covers you can purchase to adapt to your changing tastes over the years. There are so many, from floral to geometric to solids – whatever you can think of, you can bet it is out there. Even better, the covers are just as cost-effective as the futon itself.

There are many benefits you will discover when you make your own futon purchase. Find one that suits your style and needs.

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