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4 Details of a Successful Immigration Visa Application

As a second-generation Canadian immigrant, the topic of immigration has always been very close to my heart. In the past, I have helped my family members moved overseas from their old home to a new country, so I’m quite familiar with the process.

When you are submitting an immigration visitor visa application, it is advisable to be as honest as possible. Sometimes these visa applications are turned down or refused. There are a number of factors to consider and it may be worthwhile to seek the advice of a Canadian immigration law firm like Preszler Immigration Lawyers to help.

You see, when an immigration officer processes your application, they may be wondering if you will leave when your visit is over. Not everyone does. Visitors from some countries are more notorious for staying in Canada and perhaps the authorities are beginning to wise up. Here are some tips when submitting a visitor visa application.

1. What’s The Purpose Of Your Visit?

When your application is being processed, a lot of things must make sense and fall into place. The reason for the visit as well as the amount of time you ask for must be realistic. If your visit happens to be for personal reasons, do not make it out to be a business trip.

In the same way, do not indicate that you are visiting a family member because it sounds better than visiting your girlfriend, the real reason for your visit. It is best to be up front and have clear intentions. By misrepresentation on your visitor visa, it could come back to bite you, especially if you decide to apply for permanent residency one day in the future.

2. Show You’re Established In Your Country

In order to improve the chances of your application being approved, you need to show that you are established in your country. This will help to convince the officer that you are happy to follow the rules and that you are indeed a true visitor. Show your employment stability; give evidence of assets you have; if you are married and have kids, then offer such evidence.

Perhaps you are caring for an elderly relative who depends on you. If you can offer compelling evidence that you have major responsibilities that will require your return, then you will have a good chance of convincing the officer. These things are important because, unlike in the past, interviews are not as common anymore which means your documentation had better do all the ‘talking’.

3. Past History

If you can show that your past history as both a traveler and on a personal level is exemplary, then you will have a good chance of not being turned down. If you were refused entry in another country, this will weigh heavily against you and may cause a rejection of your application.

Needless to say, things like a clean record is a given, so if you have a criminal record, this may pose a problem. If you are currently employed and have no problems in addition to having a decent financial record, these are big things in your favour.

4. Health Records

Your health is also taken into consideration. If you have no communicable diseases and are physically and mentally in good shape, this is a good thing. Make sure to support all your health, financial, employment and educational history with proper documentation. Be able to show that on your visit to Canada, you can support yourself for the duration of your stay.

Show that you have something to go back to when you leave Canada. If you have traveled extensively in the past and have always returned and complied with previous conditions, this will stand you in good stead.

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