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4 Benefits of Installing Brand New Windows

Everyone enjoys a good renovation project. Whether you’re repurposing a room, updating one or doing a simple redesign, there are a ton of decisions to be made. One of the key benefits of a renovation project lies in the increased value it can bring to your house. Renovations lead not only to improved rooms but are often seen as a great investment when done correctly.

Among all of the possible considerations to make in a renovation project, windows are often forgotten and not even considered. While old windows may seem innocuous with a bit of touching up, the reality is that replacement windows can very likely offer benefits that old touched up windows cannot. The benefits afforded by including new windows in your renovation projects are numerous, but below we’ll focus on just a few key points worth considering.

1. They’re Cosmetically Appealing

Although you might think looks aren’t important, there’s something to be said about the beauty of brand new windows. Old windows are often cloudy and faded from years of use, while new windows provide a crystal clear view. The street appeal of a building with brand new windows is noticeably improved, and it’s a renovation that’s also enjoyable to look at from the inside as well.

2. They’re a Surprisingly Good Investment.

One of the core reasons to perform a renovation is to get increased enjoyability out of the finished space, while also increasing property value. New windows are generally considered a safe investment, as they not only increase the visual appeal of the property to potential buyers, but the return on investment for high-efficiency windows is favourable.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency

Even if you don’t intend to sell your property any time soon, windows are a good investment in other ways too. Windows play a key role in air and temperature control in a building. In colder climates, older windows can struggle to keep warm air in while keeping cold air out. In warmer climates, the opposite is true, not only due to the higher temperatures but due to the suns rays passing through the glass.

Heating and AC costs can quickly grow to be significant, especially in areas which experience extremes in weather on either side. Modern windows are designed to be airtight and energy efficient, which can help to significantly reduce monthly bills. Additionally, modern windows are designed to reduce the heat transferred indoors through the suns rays.

The energy efficiency of modern windows means that a return on investment is assured in savings from monthly bills. Upon correctly installing windows, homeowners often immediately notice a sizeable decrease in the following months costs.

4. Incredible Acoustic Attenuation

An unexpected side effect of replacement windows is their ability to reduce outside noise. The same modern techniques which allow for improved energy efficiency also serve to reduce and mute outdoor sounds. The noise cancelling nature of modern windows can be especially valuable to those living in busy areas, such as a school district, or near a popular road. Noise management is an often forgotten benefit of replacement windows, but it can be an important one nonetheless.

While the above points only account for a few of the benefits modern windows can provide, each is significant in its own way. When included in a home renovation project, these often forgotten room features can bring a lot of joy and additional value. Replacement windows are one of the least expensive aspects of a renovation project, especially considering their ROI. So for your next renovation project, don’t forget to consider your windows and all of the benefits replacements have to offer.

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