3 Most Important Tile Flooring Tips for a Contemporary Home Design

by author on December 13, 2012

Tile flooring is one of the most popular activities for couples who move into a new home and are looking for a quick and rather simple renovation. Tile flooring can do wonders for a room, transforming it from an old and mundane looking room to one that sparkles with new energy and excitement. Furthermore, tile flooring has a lot of practicality in contemporary home designs where this type of flooring is both durable and easy to clean. If the room gets a lot of traffic, the floor with tiles on it makes even more sense.

Contemporary home design tile flooring

Blue tile flooring for a contemporary home design – image

Contemporary home design tile flooring

Green tile flooring for a contemporary look – image

Like anything, it is easy to install tile at first glance, yet to install it right takes a little more homework and attention to detail on your end.


Contemporary home design tile flooring

Important Tile Flooring Tips for a Contemporary Home Design

A novice home improver often wrongly thinks that every renovation task is all about applying and little to do with preparation. Not true, especially for a contemporary home design. In the case of tile flooring it is extremely important that extra care is devoted to the preparation phase.

Your new installation is only as good as the underlying floor, after all, and a subfloor which is not durable or sound enough to support tile will result in an end product that is not going to last like you intended.

The main key is to check to see how flexible the underlying floor is. The more flexible and the more problems you got, which add emphasis to the preparation phase where you might need to shim, bridge, repair or cover cracks and holes to create a more solid base. Uneven or damaged floors might be further treated with an underlayment as the tile base.

Selecting a Pattern

Contemporary home design tile flooring

Modern pool tile flooring – image

There are two basic tiling patterns used in contemporary home designs: jack-on-jack and running bond. Each pattern is appropriate for any situation; though note that the running bond pattern is much more difficult to install yourself if you are the DIY type.


Before you lay a single tile down it is important to map out the area you wish to cover. Mapping consists of A) finding the square footage of the area you will tile as well as B) how the tiles will be arranged on the floor.

Contemporary home design tile flooring

Modern wood pattern tiling – image

There are a great deal of DIY videos or articles which deal with the direct installation of tile flooring and are your best resource when it comes time to lay it all down. What type of tile flooring ideas have you incorporated to help enhance your room’s appearance?

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