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10 Best Looking Exterior House Paint Ideas

The colours and finish you use in your exterior house painting will have a huge impact on the overall impression that your home makes.

Whether you’re looking for a change with your current home, or are planning to renovate and flip, it’s important to understand all your options and pick a paint that you’ll feel great about when the job is done. From clean whites and pleasing neutrals to cool blues and vibrant bolds, the exterior house paint ideas are more diverse now than they have ever been before.

Here are ten of the best looking exterior house paint ideas that will have you smiling every time you pull up in front.

Idea #1: Flat paint finish

While flat paint finishes used to be the most popular, they aren’t used much on exteriors these days. That is likely due to the fact that flat paint is matte, porous, and susceptible to fading and mildew problems.

If your home has older wooden siding, or you need to conceal siding imperfections, flat paint can be one of the best exterior house paint ideas because it goes on heavy and is effective for hiding whatever lies beneath.

Idea #2: Eggshell paint finish

By far the most popular exterior paint finish, eggshell hits the happy medium between flat and glossy. It also has the benefit of offering higher durability than flat paint, meaning that it can easily be washed without showing too much wear.

This exterior house paint idea is good for hiding the odd imperfection and can protect your home from precipitation and seasonal weather changes. What’s more, it goes on easy so you’re unlikely to have to deal with any brush strokes, roller edges, or spray marks after applying.

Idea #3: Satin paint finish

Offering a nice sheen, satin paint finish is most commonly seen on exterior trim areas. This exterior house paint idea is very durable and stands up well against peeling and mildew.

All things considered, it is worth keeping in mind that satin paint magnifies imperfections like dents, dings, cratering, and ridges in older wood trim and wood siding. It is practical if you live in a sunny climate though, as satin finish paint contains more UV protectant to prevent fading.

Idea #4: Semi-gloss paint finish

This is the finish to go for if you know you’re going to be frequently cleaning the exterior of your home. It’s durable, easy to clean, can endure harsh weather conditions and withstand excess moisture.

You’ll often find semi-gloss finish on garages and front doors, exterior trim, metal lamp posts, railings, and windowsills.

Idea #5. High-gloss paint finish

If you really want your exterior painting to make an impact, then this is the exterior house paint idea for you. Practically speaking, it also offers extreme durability and adds a beautiful richness to paint color. Generally used sparingly, high-gloss paint is perfect for accentuating architectural details, decorative fixtures, accent trim, shutters, front doors, black metal railings, or window frames.

Idea #6: Dark paint shades

When it comes to colour, many people shy away from dark shades. In fact though, bold tones like navy blue actually work really well on smaller homes. It makes the home appear spacious and rooted to the ground, while providing ample aesthetic value.

Idea #7: Cinnamon and beige paints

On the other hand, if dealing with a large home you’d be well advised to go with something more subtle. Cinnamon and beige tones look sophisticated and comforting, while offering a relaxed yet classic feel that will never appear dated.

Idea #8: Soft pastel paints

If it’s a look of warmth and comfort that you’re after, peach and rose tones can help make your home appear extra inviting. Rather than yelling at the viewer, soft pastel paint colors help create an inviting feel that is all about cosiness. They’re also widely popular so this makes a good choice if you’re repainting with the intention to sell in the near future.

Idea #9: Green paint

Happen to be painting a craftsman style home set in a forested area? You might as well take advantage of where you are and draw some inspiration from your surroundings.

Lush greens work are exterior house paint ideas that particularly well when set in harmony with surrounding trees and accented with a crisp white trim. Your home will stand out just enough while also attesting to the fact that you appreciate the value of your gorgeous natural setting.

Idea #10: Painting with contrast

Stark contrast is always an effective way of making a statement while showing that you have a keen eye for what works. If you have a traditionally styled home with plenty of trim and other details, you’ll be adding the most aesthetic value if you opt to increase the contrast between the trim and the field color.

It’s an effective way of showing off all the little extras that went into making your home so beautiful and provides the viewer with ample visual anchor points.

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